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Dave Kulju

Dave Kulju - Abstract Expression

…Dave Kulju’s “Abstract Expression” is a collection of 9 instrumental compositions that explore various textures and styles with a progressive vibe. While experimental enough for progressive music fans, this…

Dave Hart – Diversity

…12. Little Bridges 13. Spiral G  14. Do It Again Total time: 52:34Release date: 2006 Acoustic / electric & synth guitars – Dave Hart Drum programming & sequencing – Dave…

Dave Weiner – Shove The Sun Aside

…After touring around the world as a supporting guitarist for Steve Vai’s band, Dave Weiner has built up a faithful following that knows him by name. With virtuoso performances…

Dave LaRue – Hub City Kid

…Reviewer MJ Brady had this to say about Dave LaRue’s first solo CD, “Dave Larue has steadily been getting his notoriety as a bassist of the highest degree by…

Faraz - Abstract Point Of View

…2004, the guitar work by Faraz Anwar on Abstract Point Of View covers a lot of ground and has some very intricate and speedy passages. Faraz being a self-proclaimed…

Dave Martone - Demons Dream

Dave Martone - A Demon’s Dream

…MUSICIANS: Dave Martone – guitar, bass Daviel Adair – drums and percussion Paul Martone – keyboards Dave Spidel – bass on tracks 1 and 7 Cassius Khan – tablas…

Neil Zaza – When Gravity Fails

…us down) fails, artistic expression and creative fulfillment can rise. So basically, when the CD is completed it is a testament to gravity failing to stop the artistic process.”…