//Anas Ibn Malek “Forgive the Unforgiven” (Official Playthrough)

Anas Ibn Malek "Forgive the Unforgiven" (Official Playthrough)

Published on 18 February 2013 by GuitarEuroMedia

FR: Nouveau single “Forgive The Unforgiven” extrait du 2ème album solo de Anas Ibn Malek,  “Delusional Thoughts”.

ENG: Check out “Forgive The Unforgiven” the first single off of Anas Ibn Malek’s upcoming solo album called “Delusional Thougts”.

Anas Ibn Malek on Guitareuromedia.com here ! http://www.guitareuromedia.com/anas-abid-neverending-pain-betrayed-p-1497.html

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