Published on 3 November 2016 by GuitarEuroMedia

Video to enocourage you to play with music. Play with music as if you were playing with Lego’s. Playfulness is the right attitude to creativity. Keep it simple. It’s not really a tutorial, but I hope you find if helful anyways.
Hope you get some inspiration to do some music today.
This was actually an answer to an interview I did for a Russian Youtube channel. Thank you Kick Krasnik!!!
I thought many of you would enjoy and hopefully get some good out of this. Check it out and start playing!

note: You can create your music backings with just about any sequencer. on computer or mobile devices etc. The iPad app I used here is by Korg. It’s called Gadget’s. It’s fantastic and it sure helps you play with music and sounds. There’s a lot of great apps out there. Nano Studio is another fantastic for quick music creation!

Most important: have fun!!!

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