Published on 21 June 2017 by GuitarEuroMedia

era 1 – the new Hughes & Kettner acoustic amplifier – comes with a bunch of built-in FX: delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, and mixtures of all of the above!

Straight out of the box, we’ve built the era 1 FX into 16 different presets for you – but you can adjust settings and save your own favorite sounds too.

Here we show you (courtesy of our wonderful H&K Custom Shop amp builder colleague Mario!) what all the FX sound like, and how to adjust and save your own settings using era 1:

0:14 Reverb Room Dark
0:26 Reverb Room Bright
0:44 Reverb Hall Warm
1:00 Reverb Hall Bright
1:31 Reverb Church
1:50 Delay Short
2:32 Delay Mid
3:10 Delay Long
3:57 Delay + Pan Delay
4:24 Delay + Reverb
4:52 Chorus
5:53 Chorus + Reverb
6:19 Chorus + Delay
6:52 Flanger
7:16 Flanger + Reverb
7:43 Flanger + Delay
8:07 Adjusting FX parameters and saving your own FX settings

Now learn more about era 1 here:

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