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Phrasing is about making sentences, this lick has some musical conversation going on. The lesson will also give you tips on basic timing. The use of dynamics will make you sound more musical. Various techniques, such as hybrid picking and slides are used to make the notes sound more expressive. !!! MASTERCLASS TOUR in GERMANY in May read more at

This lesson is pulled from Mika Tyyskä’s 20 Expressive Rock Licks – package. The deluxe version of the package has 2 hours of instructional video!

Hope you find this usefull. Let me know your thoughts! And please share it with people who could use it for something good!

The Tabs, backing tracks and instructional videos to all 20 licks are available at Jam Track Central.

Another great package available from Jam Track Central is
“Mika Tyyskä – 20 MIXOLYDIAN LICKS”

The backing groove might sound familiar, it’s from the tune “Effortless” found on Mr. Fastfinger’s Sprit Rising -album. Support my work and buy from iTunes, or Listen at Spotify:

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