Published on 7 December 2016 by GuitarEuroMedia

The Precision Bass was a truly revolutionary instrument when it was released in 1951. As music evolves, our instruments change in lockstep; the end result is today’s version, the American Professional Precision Bass. Follow along with Fender Signature Artist Sean Hurley (John Mayer, Ringo Starr, Alanis Morissette, Vertical Horizon) as he tours the historic instrument’s newest iteration.

Developed by longtime bass pickup master Michael Bump, the brand new V-Mod split-coil Precision Bass pickup uses a carefully selected blend of alnico magnet types for balanced tone. The “golden” ’63 P Bass neck profile nestles perfectly in the player’s hand, while the narrow-tall frets provide a familiar playing feel and perfect intonation.

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Sean is playing the Fender American Professional Precision Bass in Antique Olive through a Fender Bassman 100T Head and a Rumble 410 Cabinet.

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