//Using Ambient Chords in Your Playing | Nick Jennison

Using Ambient Chords in Your Playing | Nick Jennison

Published on 6 November 2017 by GuitarEuroMedia

In part 6 of this 7 part series of free lessons, Nick Jennison shows you how to add ambient chords in your playing to create some pad-like soundscapes.

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Equipment :
The guitar in this video is a Shergold Masquerader SM02SD Thru-Black. www.shergoldguitars.com/the-guitars/product/34-masquerader-sm02-sd Check out Shergold Guitars here: www.shergoldguitars.com www.facebook.com/ShergoldGuitars/ www.twitter.com/ShergoldGuitars www.instagram.com/shergoldguitars/ www.youtube.com/shergoldguitars?sub_confirmation=1

The amplifier used in this video is a Peavey Classic 30 112. www.bandm.co.uk/peavey-classic-series-tweed-112-combo.html Check out Peavey Amplification here: www.peavey.com www.facebook.com/PeaveyUnitedKingdom/ www.twitter.com/PeaveyUK For our latest lessons courses visit www.licklibrary.com

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