Binary Disorder

Snow Flakes and Laser Beams



1. I Have a Dream (03:18)
2. Apollo 10 (05:49)
3. Frankenstien (04:42)
4. Passing Time (02:31)
5. Dark Passenger (05:25)
6. Snow Flakes and Laser Beams (05:50)


Binary Disorder is the collaboration between A+D+A+M Lab4 and guitarist Paul Wisby. Both grew up listening to and loving 1980’s ‘shred’ albums by artists such as Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen. ‘Snow Flakes and Laser Beams’ was written as a modern take on those classic albums of the 80’s, combining furious but musical guitar frenzy with 20 years worth of electronic tinkery from the Lab4 heritage.


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