Alex Masi continues his rich musical journey with a “Late Night At Desert Rimrock”.  The album also features his MCM band mate and former Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark drummer John Macaluso.

“Late Night At Desert Rimrock” resulted from some informal raw jams between Masi and Macaluso. These jams saw Masi start on bass guitar playing to grooves laid down by Macaluso with no preconceived ideas, plans or melody with spontaneity being the main motivator.

The music of “Late Night At Desert Rimrock” is a wild musical ride with no specific goal other than “music” itself.  The title may conjure up images of irrational, rabid, hallucinogenic, exploring drumming and guitar playing and this is indeed how Alex Masi himself describes the music.  Masi’s primary influence for the music was the universe itself, stating, “Every piece is a universe in itself…the influence is the desert…my love of the desert…my love of solitude…my trips around various deserts and the imaginary and actual encounters…altered mental states..”.