Free Electric Sound is proud to reissue two long out of print albums from this groundbreaking French fusion trio. Toons Tunes From The Past re-presents 1997’s “Ze Mörglbl Trio!!” and the 1999 release “Bienvenue a Mörglbl Land”, along with 2 previously unreleased tracks.

Over the years, Mörglbl has developed a unique sound mixing equal parts of Allan Holdsworth’s virtuosity, the heaviness of Pantera and Frank Zappa’s off kilter humor.
Mörglbl was born in 1996 after noted guitarist Christophe Godin decided to form an instrumental fusion rock band. After meeting Jean Pierre Frelezeau (drums) and Ivan Rougny (bass), they decided to work together on the project.In 1997, Morglbl’s first cd named “Ze Mörglbl Trio!!” was released and received a good reaction from the French press. The band toured intensively in France, placing Christophe as one of France’s top guitar players. In 1999, the band’s second album “Bienvenue a Mörglbl Land” was released. The band toured Europe, and Christophe started working as ambassador for Laney Amps, Vigier Guitars, Zoom Effects and Alvarez acoustic guitars. In 2000, Mörglbl disbanded, as the individual members pursued other projects.In 2007 Mörglbl regrouped and recorded their newest cd “Grotesk”. The band toured Russia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, USA as well as France of course, where their popularity rapidly grew after the news of their reunion spread.

2008 once again found Mörglbl touring the east coast of the United States, culminating in a mindbending performance at Nearfest X that became the buzz of the festival. This was the first time in the 10 year history of Nearfest that an opening act received two encores!

Fans of shred and fusion Gods like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai or Freak Kitchen’s Mattias IA Eklundh will find much to sink their teeth into.