01. Love Journey
02. April Rain 
03. Mexican Sonata
04. Transitions 
05. Wickers 
06. Red 
07. Kaleidoscope
08. ATC Dance 
09. Stratus Dream
10. LJ Lupe’ 
11. Crop Dustin’
12. Little Bridges
13. Spiral G 
14. Do It Again

Total time: 52:34
Release date: 2006

Acoustic / electric & synth guitars – Dave Hart
Drum programming & sequencing – Dave Hart
Recorded & mixed @ Hutton’s Hollow – Dave Hart (2004 – 2005)
Guest vocal – Gilda Hart (Track #6 – Red)
Produced by Dave Hart

Dave Hart’s Diversity is a musical montage created by combining acoustic and electric guitar arrangements with a Roland guitar synthesizer and other audio effects, bringing together expansive and sonic atmospheres that bridge musical tastes. Blending various styles of music creates ambitious mixes from smooth jazz/rock to ambient soundscapes with touches of world & electronica – are the heart of Dave’s debut solo album. It’s all rolled up into the accessible vibe of a new age instrumental genre, ideal for those who like music to be a sensory escape from the world, interpretive and sound surrounding – but with a few surprises. With thick layers of ‘synth-struments’, creates arrangements that invoke fantasy and enlightenment present a listening experience with strangely optimistic melancholy. Still Dave’s guitar playing creates playful atmospheres lending spatial perception with faceted optimism and hope. Diversity is as pure and emotional as it gets.