Reviewer MJ Brady had this to say about Dave LaRue’s first solo CD, “Dave Larue has steadily been getting his notoriety as a bassist of the highest degree by making his musical acquaintances with some of today’s most respected musicians. Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore and Planet X have all summoned his talents to complete their projects. Many know of LaRue’s exploits with the Steve Morse Band, where he has been allowed ample freedom to play his bass in a way that is part virtuoso, and part team player.. Now, about Hub City Kid, Surprisingly, this CD is not anything like any of the heavy fusion bands above; perhaps as a means to reveal his independent creativity, he opted for a more jazz tinged style of fusion. In many ways this CD reminds me stylistically of what John Patitucci had done on some of his earlier solo albums. This CD is full of punchy bass grooves, catchy melodies, and stellar playing. Some of the songs feature his slap-funk technique; others are much more toned down, and mellow.”