• Dogpound featuring Peter Tagtgren – Led Clones   
  • Arabesque – She’s Got You  
  • Domain – Over the Hills and Far Away  
  • Star Queen – Empty Rooms
  • Daniel Flores and Friends – Wild Frontiers
  • Mark McGee and Luvplanet – Don’t Take Me For A Loser
  • Tony Hernando – Thunder Rising
  • Joop Wolters – The Loner
  • Regi Hendrix and Craig Erickson – Reach for the Sky
  • Eric Sands – Military Man
  • King of Darkness – Falling in Love with You
  • House of Shakira – Shapes of Things
  • Iron Mask – Out in the Fields
  • Orion Riders – After the War
  • Mattsson featuring Chris Poland – Parisienne Walkways


Lion Music are proud to announce a tribute to one of the most influential artists of the 80-ies and one of the greatest hard rock guitarists ever. Liner notes by Todd Seely of the Fuze magazine. Lion Music is probably the number one label for guitar based hard rock and guitar virtuosos of today and since we are involved with all these great players who all share this huge love for Gary’s music it was only natural that we would produce a tribute to Gary.
The artists all chose their favourite track to cover and the amongst the 15 tracks on the album you will find both the obvious ones and some lesser known rare gems.