Total time: 65:30
Release date: 2005

This instrumental studio project was produced by another fine bassist, Brian Bromberg, who makes a guest appearance on acoustic bass. Jeff Berlin-bass, Gannin Arnold-guitar, Otmaro Ruiz-keyboards & piano, Richard Drexler-piano and the always amazing Vinnie Colaiuta-drums.

Award winning bass player Jeff Berlin is a legend of the electric bass. Simply put, he is considered by many to be the finest electric bass player in the world. Ace Of Bass is a bass album for all fans of bass oriented jazz and fusion. Jeff Berlin has appeared on King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford’s solo album, as well as albums from Katsumi Watanabe, Yes, and George Harrison. Jeff Berlin’s technique brings to mind the work of guitarists, with extensive use of tapping and chording to create a high-paced bass explosion. Ace Of Bass also features the electric and acoustic guitar work of Gannin Arnold.