The Spirit Lives On Vol. 1 is a tribute to one of the rock world’s most innovative guitarist from the past 40 years. Almost 34 years after his death, Jimi Hendrix continues to inspire and spur creativity in the music community. This collection features renowned artists such as Marcel Coenan (amazing Dutch solo artist and member of Sun Caged), Bumblefoot (solo artist, also ex-Shrapnel), Carl Roa (from the cult fusion band Magic Elf), Mistheria (keyboard phenom), Greg Howe (who gained fame for his releases through Shrapnel Records and Tone Center Records), Eric Sands (Generation Ibanez, Truth Of Fiction), Michael Harris (brilliant solo artist, Surgeon, Chastain/Harris, Arch Rival), Lars Eric Mattson, Chris Poland, Jason Rochardson, Edward Box, Richie Kotzen – the list goes on and on. As a relative of Jimi’s, Regi Hendrix (who sings on “Bold As Love”) states, “I feel now as if Jimi helped shape my personality and my musicianship… this one is for the greatest guitarist that ever lived. Thanks Jimi.”