The Spirit Lives On Vol. 2 is the second volume of a tribute to one of the rock world’s most innovative guitarist from the past 40 years. Almost 34 years after his death, Jimi Hendrix continues to inspire and spur creativity in the music community. This collection features renowned artists such as Torben Enevoldsen (briliiant Danish guitarist), Chris Poland (solo artist, also ex-Megadeth), Chris Steberl (from the neo-classical band Project Alcazar), David Martone (amazing Canadian solo artist), Tony Hernando (one of Spain’s best players), Lars Eric Mattson, Tommy Denander, Thomas Larsson, James Byrd – the list goes on and on. Highly influenced by Jimi’s music, Lars Eric Mattsson states, “There is no doubt that any guitar player on this planet has meant more for the electric guitar than Jimi Hendrix. There are simply put, no rock guitarists who haven’t been influenced by Jimi one way or another.”