HUMBLE COLOSSUS, the highly anticipated second c.d. from PLANKTON (an incredibly talented / gifted dual instrumental guitar band from Sweden), features 10 brilliant trax of outstanding, mind-blowing, CLASSIC, diverse, retro-70’s, bluesy heavy guitar compositions of epic proportions. This is timeless “PURE HEAVY GUITAR BEAUTY” of the highest order, full of depth, power, maturity and scope that knows no limits or boundaries.

PLANKTON features two phenomenal guitarists named EMIL FREDHOLM and CHRISTIAN NEPPENSTROM, both unbelievably talented stratmasters in their own right. Both guitarists display killer chops (complete with tons of soul and feel), fabulous technique, gorgeous melodies, lush tones and deep harmonic sophistication delivered through the classic strat / marshall line-up complete with a miriad of authentic, vintage stomp boxes used to great effect. Both guitarists are incredible world-class players who have found their own original voices on their instruments and have achieved true heavy guitar greatness on HUMBLE COLOSSUS. PLANKTON also features an absolutely killer powerhouse rhythm section in the form of TOMAS THORBERG on bass, SEBASTIAN SIPPOLA on drums and LARS NORMALM on percussion. Brother LARS adds a whole new dimension to the PLANKTON sound with his groovy percussion work). These three talented cats who play an integral part of the PLANKTON sound, lay down incredible, thick, solid grooves upon which brothers EMIL & CHRISTIAN work their deep heavy guitar riffage. There is an astounding, dynamic musical interplay between all 5 PLANKTON brothers with a strong emphasis on memorable / standout compositions, which is a rarity amongst most instrumental guitar music. Not content to be known as just a “guitar band”, all 5 members work together as a whole to achieve their musical goals. The compositional skills of PLANKTON are stunning to say the least and definitely set them apart from the rest. There is a real warmth and sense of pleasure pouring out of the grooves that will fully satisfy even the most seasoned music lovers and serious heavy guitar freaks. HUMBLE COLOSSUS is a REAL guitar lovers dream and the album’s production and mix are authentic to their style and are first class throughout.

This is the RE:MASTER version of “Humble Colossus” which was carefully done by the band with a lot of love and care. This new version has a more intense, deep, vibrant “sonic delivery” than the first pressing and is sure to satisfy the most die-hard hard-core Plankton freak worldwide. Dig in deep and smell the Plankton.