Richard Hallebeek:
Shawn Lane: Guitars
Brett Garsed: Guitars
Bas Cornelissen: Drums
Lale Larson: Keys
Udo Pannekeet: Bass

In this 2014 Remastered version, this project brings together a group of exciting jazz rock musicians playing genuine compositions with intense improvisations. No endless, un-coordinated numbers. No boring, “heard-it-all-before” songwriting. Just the very best in high energy, progressive and moreover, complex music.

Richard Hallebeek is probably best known for his 1995 album, Generator, released on Mark Varney’s Legato label. Jamming along at the tender age of 23 with guitar legends Carl Verheyen, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Scott Kinsey and Dan Gilbert he wrote the majority of the album’s tunes, proving he was a voice to be reckoned with. Richard has studied jazz and improvisation at the Amsterdam Conservatory; he also studied for a year at the GIT in L.A. with Brett Garsed.

Lale Larson (keys) has worked closely with highly respected guitarist, Todd Duane (with whom he appeared on Mark Varney’s compilation CD Guitar on the Edge as the only keyboard soloist). Between 1996-99 Lale composed and recorded The Seven Deadly Sins, a highly original concert in seven movements which contains everything from acoustic piano and jazz to thrash metal. Around the same time he also wrote several piano pieces, two of which were performed by pianist Joakim Olsson on 17/5/96 at the Royal Conservatory in Copenhagen.

Sebastiaan Cornelissen started playing drums when he was just 5 years old. At the age of 17, he began his studies at The Conservatory of Amsterdam. During that time he formed jazz/fusion group, Isotope, along with teacher and well-known Dutch piano virtuoso, Rob van Bavel. They have since released 2 albums: Isotope and Perception of the Beholder (Munich records). Besides Isotope, Sebastiaan also performs with his quartet featuring Leonardo Amuedo, and a very exciting project with highly respected guitarist Eef Albers.

And if the above players aren’t exciting enough, read on. The CD includes none other than legendary guitar virtuosos Shawn Lane and Brett Garsed.