Outstanding instrumental guitar disc by this phenomenal world-renowned guitarist featuring 9 tracks of stellar, sophisticated, blues-based, "old-school" six string mojo of the highest level that defines world-class guitar rock artistry & new levels of musical insanity. "Strat's Got Your Tongue" is a re-mastered Grooveyard Records re-issue disc. A long out of print essential guitar rock classic that includes a deep, profound unreleased Bonus Track.

Greg "Gristle King" Koch is a legit true axemaster in every damn sense of the word who is highly respected in the guitar community and endorsed by Fender Guitars. A stellar prolific guitar player's "guitarist" who shreds to the beat of a different drummer with a vast musical melting pot smorgasbord cacophony of linear guitar god brilliance. If you worship mind-blowing, serious guitar rock mojo, dig deep and smell the gristle.

Lets face it, Greg Koch is an insane musical genius and veritable maestro on the guitar who has composed his ultimate instrumental guitar symphony with the mega-awesome "Strats Got Your Tongue" disc. A bad-ass brilliant display of orgasmic six string gristle.