“Harmonic Passion”, the awesome new instrumental disc from Swedish guitar-master THOMAS LARSSON features 12 tracks of outstanding, diverse, brilliant, sophisticated, top-shelf, world-class, well-crafted virtuoso guitar excellence.

Thomas Larsson is an amazing, gifted guitarist who is Rock Guitar’s best secret. He has recorded two discs with Glenn Hughes and has toured with “The Voice of Rock” to support those discs. “Harmonic Passion” is his new musical follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Freeride” disc released several years back. Those of you who are familiar with the killer “Freeride” disc will be blown away the top-notch guitar grooves found on the “Harmonic Passion” disc. Larsson has the chops & licks to match any of the famous “guitar gods”, however his strong compositional skills and soulful, emotional sense of melody (harmonic passion) set him apart from the rest. Serious guitar freaks worldwide will be awed by by his incredible, melodic, creative guitar genius. Endorsed by ESP guitars and HUGHES & KETTNER amps, Thomas Larsson is a true guitar master and “tone merchant”. As an added note to all you guitar heads out there, Larsson builds his own amps and effects and you can hear them proudly displayed on the amazing “Harmonic Passion” disc. Backed by the powerful rhythm section of the infamous Johansson Bros. (ALLAN HOLDSWORTH & YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, to name a few) plus other top-shelf Swedish players and complete with an excellent production, Thomas Larsson and co. really deliver the “goods” on the aptly titled “Harmonic Passion” disc.