“Universal Mojo”, the latest brilliant new studio disc by this phenomenal instrumental guitarist from France, features 11 tracks (60 minutes) of remarkable, superb, world-class, inventive, blues-based heavy guitar riffage that sets new standards for truly outstanding “Total Guitar” music. An incredible bluesy heavy guitar journey featuring Special Guests Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & Jean Michel Kajdan.
Tristan Klein is an amazing, gifted axemaster whose exceptional, sophisticated guitar playing is on par with the best guitarists in the world. Klein dominates the new “Guitar Hero” throne with endless style and class fused with impeccable technique and strong, outstanding compositional skills. The man is an intelligent and talented guitarist who has a lot to say on the instrument and one who is on top of the evolutionary scale for guitar players. Tristan Klein speaks many languages on the guitar and one thing is for certain: his instrumental musical message is world-wide and universal as he communicates through his incredible, dynamic “six-string mojo”, hence the title “Universal Mojo”. Tune in and learn the true meaning of REAL guitar music that is both timeless and remarkable.

It takes a lot to move us @ the Grooveyard these daze and Tristan Klein is one of the best guitarists we have heard in a long time. Instrumental guitar music has become extremely jaded through the years, however this amazing, young, talented player has taken a fresh, exciting new approach that is light years ahead of the norm. There is a new guitar hero in town and his name is Tristan Klein. Listen to his incredible riffage and you’ll become a believer that there still is hope for REAL guitar music. “Universal Mojo” is a well-crafted, focused, supreme instrumental heavy guitar tour de force and definitely Tristan Kein’s finest musical hour. As an added bonus, “Universal Mojo” features three awesome “Special Guest” axemasters in the form of Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & Jean Michel Kajdan. All three incredible players and down to earth “good musical brothers” who dig in deep on this amazing riffage and play their asses off with Brother Klein on the “Universal Mojo” six-string boogie train. Also of special note: Ty Tabor (King’s X) mastered “Universal Mojo” for a serious “sonic delivery” factor that lends itself to this amazing disc. The year is 2010 and Real instrumental guitar music lives @ the Grooveyard in the form of Tristan Klein and “Universal Mojo”. Prepare to the True meaning of “Outstanding Total Guitar Music” and learn that unbelievably killer, tasteful shred ain’t dead through Tristan Klein’s universal guitar language.

The Tristan Klein: “Universal Mojo” disc is an outstanding display of top-shelf guitar musicality that is Highly recommended to fans of MICHAEL LANDAU, STEVE LUKATHER, SCOTT HENDERSON, JEFF BECK, JOE SATRIANI, GREG KOCH, ERIC JOHNSON, ANDY TIMMONS, RICHIE KOTZEN, ROBBEN FORD, CRAIG ERICKSON, THOMAS BLUG, PLANKTON and all other world-class axemasters who speak the same “Universal Mojo”. Serious guitar freaks world-wide need to tune into this essential Grooveyard-approved slice of blues-based heavy guitar perfection.