Disc 1 -Audio-
1. Ass Whoopin’ 
2. Ricochet 
3. Off The Deep End 
4. Whatever 
5. Fearless 
6. Hooligan’s Holiday 
7. In The Aftermath 
8. Run With It 
9. Cupid’s Arrow 
10. Inner Journey 
Disc 2 -DVD-
1. Whatever (PV) 
2. Cupid’s Arrow (PV) 
3. Off The Deep End (PV) 
4. In The Aftermath (PV) 
5. Ass Whoopin’ (PV) 
6. Inner Journey (PV) 
7. Elephant Stomp (PV) 
8. Respect (PV) 
9. Flight Of The Bumble Bee (PV) 
10. Ya Ain’t Nothin Like A Fast Car (PV) 
11. Interviews And Guitar Geeks Lesson

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Release date: 18/04/2008

Critically acclaimed as one of the most creative, imaginative and talented guitarists on the planet and always at the forefront of technology Jennifer Batten returns for her third solo album in the captivating sonic tapestry of “Whatever”. Released as a dual pack of CD & DVD the album is described in style by Jennifer herself as “guitronica”. The album possesses plenty of guitar, but “Whatever” is heavily multi textured with a plethora of sounds and vocal samples, and has a humorous thread throughout. The music is also influenced by various ethnic cultures such as the African vibe in “Off the Deep End”.

On the albums creation Jennifer comments, “Originally I started writing a lot of these tracks for Jeff Beck when I was in his band. My third CD has been long over due so in the end I’m happy to have these tracks for myself! He got me interested in electronica and I’m very happy to have that as a new direction with all the amazing inspiring sounds available today.

The included DVD breaks down each video track with a commentary track by Jennifer which has formed the brief synopsis of each track below. Jennifer descrives the album as “‘sort of’ instrumental. There are vocal samples telling stories in most songs, but not the standard song type lyrics and melodies. I played and programmed most of the CD with the exception of having a few guests.”