////Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes

Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes


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Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes CD DISC 1:
 1. Dislocated - (with Paul Gilbert)
 2. This Time Around - (with Yngwie Malmsteen)
 3. Safe - (with Neal Schon)
 4. Miles High - (with Steve Morse)
 5. So Long - (featuring Doug Aldrich)
 6. Nobody Knew (Black White House) - (with Brian May)
 7. Guitar Zeus (Part I) - (with Jennifer Batten)
 8. Killing Time - (with Ty Tabor)
 9. Where You Belong - (with Slash)
 10. Days Are Nights - (with Ted Nugent)
 11. Time To Set Alarms - (with Elliot Easton)
 12. Under The Moon And Sun - (with Mick Mars)
 13. Guitar Zeus - (with Leslie West) 

Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes Songs DISC 2:
 1. Stash - (with Stevie Salas)
 2. Code 19 - (with Zakk Wylde)
 3. Perfect Day - (with Warren DeMartini)
 4. Gonna Rain - (with Richie Sambora)
 5. Crusin' - (with Denny Laine)
 6. Even Up The Score - (with Ted Nugent, featuring Bruce Kulick)
 7. Out Of Mind/Guitar Zoo (Interlude) - (with Neal Schon/C.C. DeVille, featuring Ty Tabor)
 8. Snake - (with Bruce Kulick, featuring Dweezil Zappa)
 9. Trippin' Again - (with Ty Tabor, featuring Vivian Campbell)
 10. Dead Wrong - (with Dweezil Zappa, featuring Paul Gilbert)
 11. Doing Fine - (with Vivian Campbell, featuring Seymour Duncan/Steven Seagal)
 12. My Own Advice/Channel Mind Radio (Interlude) - (with Kenji Kitajima)
 13. Where You Belong - (with Paul Gilbert)
 14. G.Z. Blues - (with Seymour Duncan/Steven Seagal)


Legendary journeyman hard rock drummer Carmine Appice has always surrounded himself with great musicians, from Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart to his bandmates in Cactus and Vanilla Fudge. His Guitar Zeus project goes one step further, pairing a core band with many of the most dynamic axe-slingers in rock and metal. CONQUERING HEROES collects the best of GUITAR ZEUS (1996) and GUITAR ZEUS VOL. 2: CHANNEL MIND RADIO (1997), along with a sprinkling of bonus tracks, in one convenient double-disc package. Among the legendary six-stringers who join Appice, fretless bass monster Tony Franklin (ex-the Firm), and singer Kelly Keeling (Blue Murder) are Brian May, Ted Nugent, Pat Travers, Yngwie Malmsteen, and even tennis star John McEnroe. Surprisingly, considering the stylistic diversity of those involved, both discs are very consistent, with the participants sounding more like a real band than a collection of guests. The rhythm section sound of Appice’s pounding, locomotive drums and Franklin’s overdriven, serpentine bass ties together the disparate tracks, which recall a host of classic rock standard-bearers including the Beatles (“Gonna Rain”), Van Halen (“4 Miles High”), and Mountain (“Nobody Knew”).


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