Personnel includes: Uli Jon Roth (spoken vocals, guitar); Stephen Bentley-Klein, Brian Wright (violin); Giles Francis (viola); Nick Holland (cello); Don Airey (harpischord); Lucy Shaw (contrabass); Chris Lowe (percussion).

Featuring Uli on guitar, together with his own creation, ‘SKY ORCHESTRA’, Roth produced a truly monumental album. Recorded in his studio, ‘SKYLIGHT MANOR’ in Wales, the album contains an ingenious version of the complete ‘FOUR SEASONS’ by ANTONIO VIVALDI as well as an original new concerto by Roth which is entitled ‘METAMORPHOSIS CONCERTO’.
U.J.R.’s precise rendition of Vivaldi’s timeless masterpiece on the guitar is only feasible because of the unique Instrument, his ‘SKY GUITAR’. U.J.R. invented this by now legendary instrument in order to obtain nearly twice the tonal range of a conventional guitar. This means that it enables him to play in the highest registers of the violin range as well as that of the Cello.
ULI JON ROTH is renowned for his soaring, singing melodies performed with a rich and expressive range of tones. This is coupled with a dazzling, but never blatant technique and an unrivalled mastery of expression on his instrument.