////Compilation au profit des Associations AMFE & Cé Ke Du Bonheur

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Compilation au profit des Associations AMFE & Cé Ke Du Bonheur


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1. NNK (Norbert Nono Krief) “Galipette”

2. Olivier Roman Garcia “Livie”

3. Pascal Vigné “Aquablue”

4. Kenny Serane “Songes”

5. Christophe Godin / Ivan Rougny “Da Loop”

6. Manu Livertout “Blue Game”

7. Jean Fontanille “Time”

8. Cyril Achard “L’Ange Est Là”

9. Franck Hermanny “Caribbean Sundance”

10. Yann Armellino “Isle Of Jura”

11. Franck Karmattitude “Porté Par Le Vent”

12. Yvan Guillevic “The Secret Way Of Stars”

13. Victor Lafuente “The Riff Zone”

14. Charly Sahona “Prelude To An Awakening”

15. Thomas Bressel “Psychometal”

16. Stéphan Forté “Eien No Kizuna”


Guitars of the heart, French guitarists solidarity with sick children
With Cyril Achard , Yann Armellino , Thomas Bressel Jean Fontanille , Stéphan Forté , Christophe Godin & Ivan Rougny Yvan Guillevic , Franck Hermanny , Franck Karmattitude Victor Lafuente Manu Livertout , Norbert ” Nono ” Krief , Olivier Roman Garcia , Charly Sahona , Kenny Serane Pascal Vigne .
The benefits of this compilation will be donated to Children Liver Diseases Association and Ce Ke Du Bonheur Association. It is composed of many new instrumental made by great French guitarists from diverse musical worlds .
The history of the compilation “The Guitars of the Heart “
This compilation was made voluntarily in memory of Livie , daughter of Nathalie Bissot -Campos , president of the MMAD (Association Media & Current Music Distribution) , active involvement in the Association support the diffusion -oriented “guitars” music.
Livie was suffering from a serious disease of the liver, biliary atresia and sadly passed away at the age of 15 months. This compilation was inspired by her story and songs are performed a tribute to his courage and an anthem for all the sick children.
Nathalie Bissot -Campos wanted to support the actions of major players in the small life of Livia and more generally that of a sick child , so she set up via MMAD Label Guitars of the Heart.
Objectives  :
At the initiative of the assocation MMAD , the guitars of the heart have the heart for missions :
– raise funds to help and support AMFE ( Liver Diseases Association Children) and CKDB ( Ce Ke Du Bonheur ) organizing charity events (concerts, compilation , events)
– Allow seriously ill children to follow guitar lessons


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