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01. Spartacus 

02. Into The Storm 

03. What You Need 

04. Freedom Machine 2001 

05. 60/90 Rocket Power 

06. There For You 

07. Scheherezad/The Survivor 

08. Orion The Hunter 

09. Bach On The Rocks 

10. Archives 




Dakota, where John Lennon lived and died. What the Dakotas were to the homesteaders, Dakota is to rock: a bold leap to the frontier. Dakota is the latest all new, all original, all guitar 10 song album by songwriter-guitarist Mark Denaro. The CD, written, performed and produced by Denaro, creator of the Freedom Machine, features an exciting mix of mild to wild guitar solos, a dazzling and exotic sitar-guitar sizzler, trail blazing avant-rock, high energy metal, acoustic guitar, and the distinctive aural signature of Next Wave Rock.



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