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Dave Martone

When The Aliens Come


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01. Starz Scarz hspace=0
02. Flatulation Farm hspace=0
03. The Four Horsemen hspace=0
04. Really Now! hspace=0
05. Mike Crow’s Mailbox of Doom! hspace=0
06. Fumble Fingers
07. Pung Yao
08. Angel
09. O My God I’m Swelling!
10. Double FF’s
11. Maneemanaw
12. Techno Bee’z
13. When the Aliens Come


Dave Martone – Guitar, Keys and Bass
Daniel Adair – Drums, Percussion and Bass
David Spidel – Bass

Special Guests
Prashant Aswani – Guitar
Gene Hoglan – Drums
Chris Buono – Guitar
James Hogan – Guitar
Terry Syrek – Guitar
Cassius Khan – Tabla’s
Nenah Barkley – Vocals

Dave has performed in countless cities in the world, given clinics and taught at Berklee College Of Music and the National Guitar Workshop. He has written instructional columns for the likes of Guitarpalooza Records, the Guitar 9 website, Italy’s Guitar2001 as well as being featured in one of the worlds largest guitar magazines ‘Guitar One’ being profiled as one of four underground ‘shred gods’ in the January 2006 issue.  This illustrious background shows the reputation that comes with the Martone name and Lion Music is proud to introduce Dave’s new solo album “Martone – When The Aliens Come”.

The new album is 13 tracks full of crunching guitars with the song writing emphasis on maintaining an element of the future.  Dave comments, “My goal was first off complete it. I did a DVD in the middle and that took some time. The main concept of the album is trying to envision what music of the future might be. Trying to imagine that I could hop in some alien space ship 400 years from now and see what was playing on their I-pod equivalent!”.  Dave used everyday life as inspiration for the album, “There are so many things we go through on a day to day basis. Being able to capture them sonically is quite challenging. Sometimes it is quite easy”.

“When The Aliens Come” showcases what the guitar is capable of in the right hands in 2007 and may just show where the guitar is heading in the future.


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