////Dweezil Zappa – Go With What You Know

Dweezil Zappa – Go With What You Know


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01. Love Ride 
02. Noitpure hspace=0
03. Fighty Bitey hspace=0
04. Cc$ hspace=0
05. Preludumus Maximus 
06. Rhythmatist hspace=0
07. Thunder Pimp 
08. All Roads Lead to Inca 
09. Electrocoustic Matter 
10. The Grind 
11. Peaches en Regalia 
12. Chunga's Whiskers 
13. Audio Movie


Dweezil writes in the liner notes that some of the songs on this CD were inspired by his changed playing techniques to learn songs for the Zappa Plays Zappa Tour. You can definitely hear Frank’s influence coming through on these new songs and they are brilliant. Dweezil has always been incredible but this one is may be his best recording. There are a lot of different styles played with more instrumentals than vocals.


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