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Eric Johnson – Bloom


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01. Bloom
02. Summer Jam
03. My Back Pages
04. Good To Me
05. Columbia
06. 12 to 12 Vibe


07. Sea Secret
08. Sad Legacy
09. From My Heart
10. Cruise The Nile
11. Tribute To Jerry Reed
12. Your Sweet Eyes


13. Hesistant
14. Sunnaround You
15. Magnetized
16. Ciel


(CD not shrink-wrapped)

Eric Johnson is on the short list of all-time guitar heroes, but his creative path has taken some interesting twists and turns. He has earned critical and commercial success, a Grammy, accolades from his peers and unabashed devotion from his fans. However, his story as a guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer is not a “typical” one. But this three-decade journey has led to his new 2005 Favored Nations studio album ‘Bloom.’

‘Bloom’ features 16 new songs ranging the stylistic gamut, which has always been Johnson’s approach on his solo albums. He is one of the precious few musicians to fully succeed artistically and commercially with this philosophy. The rock ‘n’ roll raveup “Summer Jam” fits comfortably alongside the bright Bob Dylan cover “My Back Pages,” the hypnotic “Sea Secret,” lyrically provocative “Sad Legacy” and the rollicking country jam “Tribute to Jerry Reed.” His already-astonishing gifts as a songwriter and producer, in addition to his jaw-dropping guitar technique, have grown substantially on this album. ‘Bloom’ will appeal to Johnson’s longtime fans while also bringing new ones into the fold.


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