ALIVE INC.’s first album is a pure blend of heady melodies, sharp riffs, powerful voice and instrumental performances.
Lead by three talented musicians, Sébastien Lanceau (vocals, guitars), Loran Saulus (bass guitar, background vocals) and Yann Gresset (drums), ALIVE INC. remind us of rock FM music flavoured with the magical touch of a Joe Satriani.
The adventure begins in 2006: their common passion for Anglo-Saxon rock music and instrumental music leads them to compose many songs, refining day after day what would become their own style. Originally from the South of France, ALIVE INC. have been successfully crowding all the places of the region and decided to produce themselves their first eponymous album in 2007.
In this first opus distributed by Brennus and Ghost LA, you will find real gems such as the radio hit “Alive”, the crushing “My hate for you’s worth all”, the soulful ballad “This is the end” and the instrumental “Lisa Marie’s song”.
Shows after shows, ALIVE INC. have won the reputation of being a solid live band making powerful, massive and extremely professional concerts. The band is now preparing a tour in France and abroad.