BLOWBACK refines since more than a decade, an original and personal Metal, deriving his inspiration into the Heavy, the Thrash and the Progressive music, a mixture full of melodies and power.
The will of the band: to suggest compositions open to all, BLOWBACK music is efficient in its structure, letting the nice part in the powerful singing of Valène, in melodies of all kinds,and in lead guitars on bottom of powerful rythmics.
The album “All and Even More” distributed by Brennus from september 2008, will carry you away, in metallic paths open in times past by the inevitable Megadeth and Metallica for the US Thrash side, Iron maiden and Juda priest for the Heavy Metal side, or Dream theater and Arena for Progressive influences. Don’t forget a female singing in mind of a Doro, and the whole composed and mixed in a will of modernity.

Please note that the french guitarist Franck “Karmattitude” plays a furious solo on a track !!