Jason Becker is the protagonist of one of rock & roll's most tragic and inspiring stories, refusing to give up his joie de vivre or his inspirational muse despite being struck down by A.L.S. almost 15 years before this particular release, 2002's The Blackberry Jams. Of course, the fact that Becker's difficult condition has made it impossible for him to pick up, much less play, a guitar in over a decade, predicates that the 31 solos and song-snippets collected here were all committed to tape a long time ago, mostly between 1987 and 1988. Recorded by Becker on his home four-track recorder, this C.D. contains predominantly demo-quality, solo performances on electric, and occasionally, acoustic guitars, and, quite understandably, the fidelity ain't all that. But there's more than enough clarity to get the point across, and some tracks were even augmented here and there by Becker's many friends and supporters, most notably old running mate Marty Friedman. Hardly what you'd call a conventional album; this release provides a living document of a truly great talent, and a uniquely courageous soul. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide