Line Up:
Carlos Lichman – Guitar
Paulo Miguel Bublitz – Keyboard on tracks 4 and 8
Vinicius Rym – Bass on tracks 1,3,7 and 9
Alexandre Olly – Drum on tracks 1,2,3,7 and 9
Leandro Berpo – Bass on tracks 2,4,5,6 and 8
Sandro Moreira – Drum

Keyboards on “Drud Dealers” by Carlos Lichman

Guest Players:
Kiko Loureiro – Lead Guitar on “Shred Dogs” from the beginning to 00:30/ from 01:50 to 02:15 and from 03:23 to the end
Pablo Soler – Lead Guitar on “Drug Delaers” from 00:52 to 01:22
Francesco Fareri – Lead Guitar on “Drug Dealers” from 01:22 to 01:46
Jim Horne – Lead Guitar on “Intense Guitar Playing” from 01:12 to 01:31

Carlos Lichman is a shred guitarist from Porto Alegre in Brazil. This classically trained musician played in a band Neverland and recorded some stuffs (Wake Up The Dragons EP/2001) before aforementioned solo debut, e.g. “Planet Rock” (Single, 2003) and “Intense Guitar Playing” (EP, 2005), however his playing can be also audible on “Celebrando Mozart” Live DVD from the year 2006. Although “Firestorm” is his debut album, here are collected many less and better known artist. Carlos himself played most guitar parts and keys on one track. He was backed by two drummers (Alexandre Olly, Sandro Moreira), two bassists (Leandro Berpo, Vinicius Rym) and a keyboardist Paulo Miguel Bublitz. They are this “less known” part of the stuff. The “better known” one are guest guitar players: Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Pablo G. Soler (neoclassical shredmaster from Argentina), Francesco Fareri (Italian shred wizard) and Jim Horne (jazz/fusion guitar virtuoso from the USA). However, the main figure of “Firestorm” is Mr. Lichman whose heavy lead parts are crossed with melodic and cutting solos. His music is larded with shredding tones, however, here are also some quiet fragments like Thoinot Arbeau’s “Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (Reincarnation)” that can make you think of Renaissance dances. It is played in calm and minor mood, so it gets a great contrast in comparison to the rest tracks. The third track “Key To The Shred City” was recorded in honour of two shred tycoons – Tony MacAlpine and Marty Friedman as they are one of Carlos’ greatest inspirations. Yes, there were such tracks like Friedman’s “Forbidden City” and MacAlpine’s “Key To The City”, however, this piece of music is performed in definitely different style than compositions from Marty’s “Dragon’s Kiss” and Tony’s “Maximum Security”. Anyway, it is one of the most melodic tracks with powerful rhythm. Carlos is a chap who attacks our ears with rhythmic lead parts, numerous shred quips and some atmospheric fragments as well. Mr. Lichamn showed us a complex architecture of shredding genre. I can praise him for the album’s title, since it reflects his music as a stormy, furious, fiery and belched out stuff. “Firestorm” is a great load of decent shredding Power and it is one of TOP SELLERS on Guitar 9 Web Site (N°1 in March and April/2008). In May, Carlos released FIRESTORM GUITAR METHOD, a new method based on FIRESTORM CD licks. Lichman’s debut CD will make shred fans stand up and take notice, while proving he’s mastered a modern guitar idiom.