1 – Into The Pit (3’39) 
2 – War (I. Leaving Home) (4’16) 
3 – War (II. The Stomp) (3’46) 
4 – War (III. Letter From Home) (4’45) 
5 – War (IV. Wings Of Death) (6’22) 
6 – War (V. See The Light) (3’06)
7 – Post (3’34)
8 – The Ratrace (4’05)
9 – The Tale Of John Kastner (I. Streets Of Neopolis) (3’24)
10 – The Tale Of John Kastner (II. Night Terrors) (5’14)
11 – The Tale Of John Kastner (III. Beyond The Gate) (5’40)
12 – The Tale Of John Kastner (IV. Darkness) (2’14)

France 2005

INNERCHAOS was created in 1997, intending to mix heavy-metal, Progressive rock and gothic music. The created ambiances are now aggressive, now atmospheric, and the lyrics, usually coming from introspection, are all about the unavoidable anguishes brought by these times of incomprehension, intolerance and isolation. The twelve-track opus “Neopolis” (2002) shows the progression of the band, after two self-produced demos and various concerts. The ambition of this first album is to present the INNERCHAOS concept in a simple way, with the intention to reproduce the energy of the band on stage at its best. That’s why production and arrangements were kept natural. Three years later, the group publishes its second album “Different Stories” (2005), once again on the Brennus label. The major influences (DREAM THEATER, KING’S X, LIVING COLOUR, PANTERA or FEAR FACTORY) are still here, but better assimilated this time.