Francesco Fareri – All Guitars
Vitali Kuprij – Piano and Keyboards
Bob Katsionis – Keyboard solos
Jon Doman – Drums
Kyle Honea – Bass

“Forbidden Dimension” is the debut release on Lion Music from 7 string guitar whiz Francesco Fareri and the successor to his extremely successful independently released debut album “Suspension”.

“Forbidden Dimension” heralds a newer sound to Fareri’s bag of tricks, long time fans will still find plenty of Francesco’s trademark high speed playing within a shred/progressive framework, yet there is also a fresh fusion influence on a few lurching within.

On the album Francesco comments, “This second album can be considered my first real album, for the reason that I’ve recorded with professional players as Jon Doman (drums), Kyle Honea (bass) , Vitalij Kuprij (keyboards and piano) and Bob Katsionis (keyboard solos)”.

“Once again the album isn’t only a guitar album but a CD focused on the beautiful sound of each instrument as drums, bass, piano, keyboards and guitar. The rhythm section is powerful and melodic and the solos played at unison by guitar/keys seem to slide on the rhythm. The guitar solos are played with the idea of putting together shred and melody… anyway music doesn’t need words to be explained…”