01. Silence
02. Gun God
03. The Ugly Side Of Me
04. Everything Is Under Control
05. Get A Life
06. The Sinking Planet
07. Dead Soul Man
08. I Refuse
09. Black Spider Flag
10. Super Model Baby
11. Slap Me In The Face
12. Shithead

Total time: 48:21
Release date: 2000

With songs like “Gun God”, “Silence!”, “Everything is Under Control”, “I Refuse”, e t c, Freak Kitchen prove their capability of combining elements of many musical styles into something truly original and rare is stronger than ever.

“Dead Soul Men” is a collection of 12 songs where the listener is given no time to breathe whatsoever. It was mixed by Roberto Laghi, once again, in Oral Majority Studio, assisted by Ia and Hasse Asteberg. A very successful combination.

On the collaboration between Christian and Ia, “Slap Me in the Face”, Joakim handles the vocals throughout for the first time. Gronlund´s daughter Amanda also provided some inspired “vocals” on the track, giving it an inimitable introduction. The title track, “Dead Soul Man”, featured gifted singer Zara turning the song into heavy metal gospel…