01. A Dirty Mind Is A…
02. Blind Date
03. Intimate Dance
04. Meet Mr. Long
05. Get Laid
06. Disillusioned
07. Get Out
08. Next
09. Onatopp
10. The One
11. …Joy 4 Ever

Anand Mahangoe – guitars
Mike Terrana – drums
Nick De Vos – bass
Rob Fahnrich – keyboards

Guest: Derek Sherinian – Keyboards (5)

Winner of the best guitar player in Holland in 1996 and 1997, Anand Mahangoe delivers a dynamic instrumental CD with some exciting soloing and most importantly quality songs that beg multiple listens.  From the subtleties of “Intimate Dance” to the straight ahead “Meet Mr. Long”, Anend shows a reserved flair that is interesting as opposed to an overabundance of flash.  That is not to say that Anand does not possess the ability to craft some sultry metal tracks.  “Get Laid” is a rather raunchy ditty that shows Anand would fit in nicely with a band such as Whitesnake and finds Derek Sherinian contributing his keyboard expertise.  “Disillusioned” a gorgeous track that would be at home in the Rainbow / Deep Purple camps.  Anand seems to have an affinity for the British heavy rock bands as “Next” has a similar feel.  Closing track “Joy 4 Ever” is quite diverse in structure and overall playing.  Overall, an impressive release from this very talented guitarist.