Bruno Rivoire aka Kenobass : Bass guitar

Ayman Mokdad : Guitars 

Samuel Scheubel : Keyboards

Fred Lenfant : Vocals

Sylviane Rivoire : Vocals

Fabien Lacroix : Vocals / Guitar

Kenobass Project ia a rock / progressive metal album managed by bassist Bruno Rivoire, aka « Kenobass », helped by his friends Ayman Mokdad (guitars) and Samuel Scheubel (keyboards). Fred Lenfant (Ashes and Dust singer), Fabien Lacroix (Arkeronn singer) and Sylviane Rivoire also give their talents on vocals.

In 2007 Kenobass started some collaboration on Ayman’s album, but now it was time for him to make his own compositions. The influences come from Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, Rush… A great album to discover!