1. Black Glue  
2. Pooh’s Day Off  
3. A Song For Jeanie  
4. Feel My Pain    
5. Why Me?    
6. Southern Romp  
7. Don’t Look Back  
8. Stomp!!!!   
9. Insanity    
10. Groovin

Total time: 40:55
Release date: 1999

As far as instrumental guitar music goes, Michael Hartman’s “Black Glue” rocks with the very best of them. The similarities to Steve Vai are readily apparent and it just so happens Steve Vai and Michael Hartman are good friends.

Each tune is a finely crafted piece of work in itself, told with the talent and skill only a true guitar master can pull off. I can name only a few guitar masters that can successfully complete a recording like this: the late great Frank Zappa for one, the aforementioned Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and now Michael Hartman.

Awesome acoustic renditions are scattered throughout this CD, compiled right alongside ripping electric guitar licks. This guy doesn’t need a vocalist to make his point, his guitar speaks for itself. “Black Glue” sucks you into its vortex and never lets up until the very last track.