For those who know the man, one can say that his music fits his personality, for Nicolas offers us a very personal album today.
All along the 7 tracks of the album, we travel through various atmospheres, sometimes progressive (“I Have A Dream”), rock (“On The Road”) or even relaxing (“Thinking Of You”), but always signed by his own touch. An album that one can easily listen to over and over again…

As a coincidence, the album was patented on April 4th 2008, exactly 40 years after Martin Luther King’s death, whose famous discourse appears as an introduction to “I Have A Dream”.

Each song is as a matter of fact astutely structured around a catchy theme mixing powerful riffs, harmony and melody, which is undoubtedly the main strength of the album.

Although “One Life Is Not Enough” could have been a shredding demonstration of Nicolas’ talent, it is a delightful piece of musical chemistry of emotion, sensibility, force and musicality. The moving ballad “I Believe” or the tremendous “If” dedicated to Joe Satriani, are pure examples of the tribute paid to his major influences.

It is also worth noting the participation of brilliant guitarist Victor Lafuente on “On the Road”.