“ProgXpriMetal” as the title may suggest is a varied and special release that will satisfy the extremist metal and hard rock fan and Zappa freaks too with its wide ranging sound.

The seeds for what would become Vargton Projekt started 2006 when Mats Hedberg (BFH) contacted Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa/Mats Morgan band) to collaborate together after hearing his drumming on a Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah) album. Mats sent some rough demos which caught Morgan’s ear and the pair decided to collaborate on an album together.

Stylistically “ProgXpriMetal” is high output heavy guitar and drum oriented music with modern nods to the likes of King Crimson and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Yet there are also deft moments of subtlety and atmospheric passages all of which manages to sound open and inviting to the casual listener.

Vargton Projekt have produced an intoxicating blend of progressive thinking and intelligent design and make “ProgXpriMetal” not only one of the most original releases you will hear in 2011 but one of the most musically satisfying.