„I especially like his tone which is very rich, yet Strat-like and earthy. It is easy to relate to the notes and experience the emotions that were clearly put into the playing. Raimund‘s CD clearly shows that his playing is up to par with the best of them.” (Henning Pauly, Producer, Frameshift, Chain)

„Raimund Burke is a complete guitarist and it shows on his new release Into My Arena. Great playing!! ” (Jeff Kollman, Soloartist, Glenn Hughes Band)

„Good stuff Raimund, I enjoy your style and the production sounds great. My two thumbs up!” (Marco Sfogli, James LaBrie Band)

„Raimund Burke is the real deal! Heavy and melodic. I like it!” (Charlie Dominici, Dominici , Ex-Dream Theater)

You get an idea what quality is offered on this album by just reading a selection of quotes by well-known hard rock musicians.
And Raimund did it all by himself: composing, arranging, playing all instruments, programming, recording, mixing, producing, artwork, website, distribution.
The new album by the 39 year old musician from Hamburg, Germany is an extraordinary example that it is indeed possible to combine logical, catchy, virtiousic , far out, structured and mega sensitive melodies and guitar skills, taking the listener on an unforgettable diverse musical tour. Especially the 9 1/2 minute title song “Into My Arena” leaves a lasting impression combining all these attributes. Everything from very heavy to balladic is united in this very complex but harmonic song structure.
As “bonus tracks” and a special tidbit Raimund presents also two killer songs with vocals done expertly by Michael Keuter, whose forceful voice just fits the bill. Raimunds wife Chrissie and Andreas Pelzer (Jackbox) assisted with the lyrics.