Forces at Work began playing instrumentally in the year 2000 writing 9 songs that where recorded in 2002. In 2003 former ThoughtSphere Singer Andreas Lohse joined the band and layed down vocal tracks on the existing instrumentals wich resulted in many of the songs heard on the first two EPs “Coldheart Canyon” (2003) and “Forcilized”(2004).

After lots of live presentation of their two CDs the band took a brief time out in 2004 to write and record a guest track on Victor Smolski´s Solo CD “Majesty and Passion”.
In mid 2005 the band entered the studio to record its third CD “Reverse Feng-Shui Audio Guide”. It was finished in February and released in March of 2006, getting a very good reception by the press.
After lots of gigs, having parted ways with singer Andreas Lohse and finding replacement in Sebastian Wischermann Forces at Work is currently focusing on the songwriting for the next record that will begin production in 2008.
The style of the current CD “Reverse Feng-Shui Audio Guide” is best described as very heavy progressive metal with no boundaries. Many fast, complex, weird and even pretty Riffs and Solos clash with rhythmic insanity.