1. Under The Influence hspace=0  
2. The Butcher  
3. Dark Matter  
4. Dominion
5. E.B.E.
6. Hillbilly Militia
7. Jazzmine’s Song
8. War Of The Angels
9. The Duel
10. Piece Of Mind

+ DVD included !

Release date: 12/09/2008

Rusty Cooley is arguably one of the world’s most famous shredders in 2008 thanks to his classic debut album and band works in Outworld. Being a frequent columnist in numerous guitar magazines worldwide and a perpetual fans favourite on thousands of guitar websites and forums online; with one listen to Rusty’s self-titled solo album its easy to hear why.

Now Lion Music offer up Rusty’s debut solo album with a remixed and re-mastered sound, bonus tracks, new artwork and the added extra of a bonus DVD featuring a guitar lesson from Rusty, a promo video for the track “Under The Influence” as well as tablature to allow fans to the chance to master Rusty’s technique.

This bonus packed re-release is a must own for fans of old and is the ideal starting point for music fans that wish to get a taste of the Rusty Cooley experience.