All songs composed by Poul except Prelude and Damnation orchestration by Jonathan.
Lyrics by Veloce Hystoria.

Recorded and mixed by Thierry Lebourg, Sylvain De Nicola and Thierry Mas at Noisefirm Studio.

Produced by Veloce Hystoria.

Band photo by Christian Nivet.
Artwork & design : J. Menard.

Andre : vocals.
Poul : guitar & backing vocals.
Guilhem : drums & backing vocals.
Jonathan : keyboard & backing vocals.

Michel Beroua : live sound engineer.
Stephane Descoutures : light technician.

All bass played on this album by Alexis Ruinier.

Veloce Hystoria wants to thank these following people who just rock :
Alain Ricard from Brennus, everyone at Noisefirm Studio, Jonas Kjellgren, Laeticia, Emmanuelson, Yves Campion, Erik EZ Blomkvist, Hall Of Shred