1. Silent Scream
2. Time
3. One and Only Love
4. Girl… I Give My Life for You
5. Angel Eyes
6. Fly Away
7. Paradise Lost
8. Forever
9. Lies
10. Tears in Your Eyes
11. Aftermath
12. Blue Monday
13. Without You

Total time: 65:05
Release date: 1999

Silent Scream is Japanese guitarist Kelly Simonz’ debut album in a totally new version. Recently remixed, the album features eleven majestic tracks, some neo-classical and metal, some hard rock, some ballads, along with two instrumentals, “Lies” and “Blue Monday”. Simonz handed all the instrumentation on the album, which is a testament to his skill and vision. The opening title track rips along like a Rising Force number, whereas “Time” uses a modern groove to set the stage for some wicked wah-wah work and blazing, blues-based shred. For a real change-of-pace, there is even an a cappella track, “One And Only Love”. “Angel Eyes” is another heavy metal track, highlighted by an impressively fluid guitar solo and keyboard break. Silent Scream is a notable effort for Simonz, introducing his many abilities to the world.