Japanese only release. Marty Friedman is a man with two faces. Of course, one is that as an amazing musician famous as the former lead guitarist of the legendary metal act Megadeth, on the other hand, he has another face as a J-Pop mania. As a zealous evangelist of J-Pop, he is extremely active in a range of works including hosting of a TV program, publication of books, and various serializations. New album "Tokyo Junkebox" might well be called a summarization of Marty's recent activities. He covered lots of popular J-Pop tunes along with his skilled playing of the metal guitar, such as "Polyrhythm (Perfume)," "Tsume Tsume Tsume (Maximum the Hormone)," "Yuki no Hana (Mika Nakashima)," and 2008 theme tune of Ichiro (Seattle Mariners), "Amagigoe (Sayuri Ishikawa)." Tunes included on the album have been selected based on fan votes and favorites of Marty are included as well. Listening to this album, lots of people will discover how mixture of Metal and J-Pop really is an exciting concept. If you do like this kind of cover albums, then items on "Cover Song Compilations" will be your favorites as well!