1 – Countdown To Midnight (3’26)
2 – Downtown (4’28)
3 – Restless (4’28)
4 – Faith (3’45)
5 – Tears In My Eyes (4’23)
6 – Now (4’57)
7 – Hope (4’23)
8 – Make My Day (4’28)
9 – Kids In America (4’14)

Only very few groups from the French hard-rock scene are now looking to recapture the spirit and the magic of the melodic wave that existed in the United States of America at the end of the Eighties and at the very beginning of the Nineties. Yet, it was SNAKE EYE’s admitted goal when the group was created in January 2002 in Paris. Witout caring about the current trends, the goal of the five musicians is to find the alchemy that made WHITESNAKE, WINGER, DOKKEN and other CINDERELLA mythic names of the melodic heavy-metal style. The common passion of the group’s members soon becomes profitable: ten songs are composed for the first album entitled “Wild Senses”, self-produced in April 2002. It also includes a cover-version of Kim WILDE’s “Kids In America”. After a wave of good reviews in the national specialised press, the Brennus label decided to officially release the record. Dominated by some bluesy vocals who can be compared with David COVERDALE’s, SNAKE EYE’s music is the synthesis of what America and Europe have offered best in the field of heavy-metal with memorable chorus. You can’t miss this !