1 – The Pilgrimage (3’07) 
2 – Babylon (6’37) 
3 – Firewings (3’07) 
4 – Trial By Fire (3’23) 
5 – The Fifth Dimension (7’09) 
6 – Still Of The Night (6’32)
7 – Blood In The Arena (4’02)
8 – Rebellion (4’45)
9 – Still Believe (3’51)
10 – Time To Live (5’12)
11 – The Last Ride (5’23)
12 – Guardians Of Metal (3’21)
13 – The Quest Goes Ever On… – The Endless Quest Chapter Two (17’58)

Genre: Power Metal

Playing time: 74:38
Release date: 2004

Created in the year 2000, PHENIX is a heavy-metal band from nearby Montbéliard (France). It is composed of Sébastien TREVE and Olivier GARNIER for guitars, Anthony PHELIPPEAU for bass, Eric BREZARD-OUDOT for drums and Bertrand GRAMOND for vocals. Their originality is the result of a meeting between five different musical sensitivenesses. The music of this line-up is a mix of creation and various influences of the band’s members, from IRON MAIDEN to DREAM THEATER, from MANOWAR to Steve VAI. The association of these various musical horizons gives PHENIX a proper atmosphere where powerful riffs meet melodies and arpeggios. The term “Progressive rock” is not so far, even if the band is above all heavy-metal. Encouraged by the favourable reviews earned by the first album “Sacred Fire” (2002), the musicians spent two years of hard work, in order to produce an even better follow-up. And this resulted in the excellent “Wings Of Fire” (2004), once again published by the Brennus label. It noticeably contains the 17 minute-long epic suite “The Quest Goes Ever On… – The Endless Quest Chapter Two”.