CD David Valdes – World In Obscure David Valdes presents his new album “World In Obscure”. This album consists of 13 songs full of melodies, metal riffs and lots of guitar technique that David has applied his usual exercises, squeezing the most out of your imagination. Having gone through various difficulties in his personal life, has been retired several years composing music and very slowly. It is in this last year 2012 when David decided to join forces and make their last push and apotheosis with this magnificent recording. David has used his new guitar Ibanez RG 7 string 2627ZE for the rhythm guitars to give the album a very dark and aggressive touch. Also been used for its old lead guitars Ibanez PGM 301 with pills and DiMarzo Dsonic Dimarzio Tone Zone. As sound distortion and used the multi Fractal Axe FX, getting sounds very precise and beautiful. For other instruments been used for Toontrack drum samplers “Metal Foundry” and bass VST “Trillian”. David Valdes believes that this is the best musical work he has done in his life which guitar and strongly feels proud musical result obtained. You can hear the new album in his youtube channel free. If you like and want to collaborate with David you can order a physical copy